Under Where? No, “underwear” at the Tailor Shop this Sunday!

Visitors this Sunday will get to peek at what is normally hidden from view. In the Tailor Shop, underwear is the theme of the day. Visitors will have a chance to see and learn about mid-century undergarments. At the Lockhart barn, the long and weathered fleece of a sheep will be shorn off using traditional methods, exposing the soft, new growth underneath. This weekend is also a great opportunity to explore the Early Settlement Area, Blacksmith Shop and House, the Print Shop and School House too.

The General Store will be open with yummy treats including homemade tea biscuits, cookies and ice cold sodas. Admission for an adult is $12.00, a senior 65+ is $10.00, a youth 6-17 years is $6.50 and a child 5 and under is free. We also accept the Hamilton Conservation Authority Membership which allows you free admission for 2 adults and up to 4 youth. We are looking forward to your visit this Sunday.