Loaf is all you Knead- Bread Day September 30

Warm bread anyone?  We will be baking up a feast for the senses this Sunday September 30 from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. during our A Taste of Warm Bread program.  With demonstrations and sampling throughout the village, visitors will be able to see, smell and taste a variety of delicious breads prepared using historic recipes.  Baked in woodstoves and hearths, over open fires and in a large capacity outdoor oven, these breads tell rich culinary stories of early Ontario.

After many years of being scorned as an undesirable “carb”, bread is popular once again!  Visitors to Westfield this Sunday will be able to learn how bread is a fundamental food eaten in all cultures; a taste of home for generations of immigrants; a marker of one’s economic status and as evidence of advances in agriculture and technology.  Most of all, bread is being celebrated as a lovely, diverse, delicious and comforting food.  Hooray for bread!