We are celebrating National Volunteer Week from April 16-22, 2023. This year’s theme is: Volunteering Weaves Us Together.

We think this year’s theme fits us so well. For obvious reasons – our volunteers literally weave fabric, but also for the theme that volunteers strengthen the fabric of community. Thank you to all our volunteers who help to make the fabric of the Westfield community so strong and beautiful.

Volunteers are involved in every aspect of our operations. We are open as a Conservation Area every day from dawn to dusk for hikes and walks and our volunteers help us maintain these areas. From pulling invasive plant species, spotting during hazard tree removal, cutting lawns, maintaining gardens and picking up garbage, our volunteers are involved.

When our historic village area is open for events and on Sunday afternoons (starting May 21, 2023) our volunteers are out to welcome visitors, hand out maps, provide demonstrations and lead visitors through a craft opportunity. They bring history alive.

Thank-you for the 1000s of hours that you give each year to Westfield. We couldn’t do it without you!

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