Westfield continues to be open as a conservation area 7 days a week for hikes and walks. This year we are so fortunate that the weather has been beautiful for this type of activity. The historical buildings are now closed for the season but there is still so much to enjoy when coming out. One great feature is that Westfield’s trails are suitable for all ages and abilities.



Walk The Village Grounds Trail

The walkways in the village are hard packed gravel and mostly flat with slight slopes in a couple of spots. There are lots of benches to take breaks or maybe walking the village loop a few times is enough exercise. The views are lovely with lots of points of interest. Even though you are not able to go in the buildings there is still lots to learn. Pick-up a map and read about the buildings or download the Taleblazer app to follow along on your phone one of two tour options. You can also visit our website to download the Virtual Tour option. Hey kids- don’t forget to pick-up your own kid map. There are lots of activities including scavenger hunts on site.

Hike the Giant Swallowtail Trail

This 2 km trail, walking from the Village parking lot is an easy walk that features plantation forest and wetlands. Originally this trail was the farm lane to the Smith family farm. Watch carefully for the stone ruins of the old farm including the foundation of a spring house. This trail ends at a loop near the 5th concession. Once you reach it turn back to return to the village.

Hike The Chinquapin Oak Trail

This 3 km trail, walking from the Village parking lot, makes a nice circular loop from the village. Each season offers a variety of views including a lilac dell, hardwood forest and open meadows. This trail in named for the chinquapin oak tree, a Carolinian variety, that is uncommon in Canada.

Admission is only $15.50 per car load or use your HCA membership card. (Psst- the membership makes a great Christmas gift and can be purchased on site at Westfield.)

Don’t forget when bringing your family pet to our site the pet must be on a leash at all times and remember to pick-up any waste and throw away in the garbage.



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