It’s Laundry Day at the Lockhart House

Would you like to find out how a family did their laundry 200 years ago? Check out our History at Home Lockhart House – Wash Day virtual program. From the comfort of your own home find out how washing clothes could be an all-day affair with everyone in the family pitching in to help. From hauling water, boiling the clothes and scrubbing the clothes many hands were needed for this sometimes back-breaking work. There’s even a science experiment to try.

Our History at Home page offers a number of building tours. We’ve taken our favourite education program, Down on the Farm, and turned it into a virtual experience. Check out the many activities while exploring the D’Aubigny Inn, The Lockhart Farm and Village Schoolhouse. There are some fun activity pages to download as well. If you would like to find out more about education opportunities at Westfield send an email to or call 519-621-8851.

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