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Education Programs at Westfield

Westfield 's Education Programs

Westfield’s Learning Experiences
September to June Westfield offers a wide range of fun, multi-sensory education programs that allow participants to explore history in a unique, immersive environment. Our programs are developed with reference to the learning objectives outlined in the Ontario Curriculum. Please click on the Guides for Teachers and Group Leaders to find out more about the education programs that are currently available.


July and August Please contact us to discuss your interest in structured and self-guided program options. Details Our programs run from 10:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The cost is $11.00 per student for a minimum of 20 students. Make sure to ask about our Balanced Day Schedule option and our Midday Lunch Schedule option. Contact To book your trip, please email us at or call 519-621-8851.
Additional Learning Experiences
Remember to visit our History at Home page for additional activities to use with your students, or check out our virtual tour. This is a great option to explore Westfield both before your visit and as a follow-up after your visit. If you are able to extend your day, our conservation area is open to explore all year round and is beautiful in every season. There are self-guided options including our game apps and scavenger hunts if you would like to arrange something extra to the onsite education program for your class, homeschool group or for other social activity groups.

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