Who hasn’t leaned in close, cupped their hands over their eyes, and peered into a window of one of the buildings at Westfield to get a better look at what is inside?  We know that you do based on the smudge marks found on the windows throughout the village.  Did you know that there is a better way to see what is behind the closed curtains or to learn more facts about the historical buildings?  Try out the TaleBlazer augmented reality app like the Sachanowicz family.

Augmented reality (AR) is a virtual interactive experience in a real-world environment.  We all remember the Pokeman craze, right?  Well the same technology is available in the form of two games you can play on your smartphone while here at Westfield.  The first game, “Tour of Westfield”, allows you to take an audio-visual tour of our beloved historic buildings.  As you walk the paths through the village and get near to the various buildings, the app’s virtual hosts will provide you details of the building.  You can also collect virtual items as you go. These items were important in the lives of the early settler 200 hundred years ago.

The second game, “Inside Westfield”, allows you to see behind the closed curtains and doors.  As you draw near to select buildings photographs of the interiors will be displayed.  You will be able to see what the various rooms look like without smudging the glass!

It only takes a few minutes to download the free TaleBlazer app.   Visit the app store on your phone and download TaleBlazer. Once you have it on your phone you won’t need the internet to play. Just remember to scroll down to the bottom of each page to press “ok” so that you can advance to the next page.

Come have some fun at Westfield!

Access to the trails and conservation area is seven days a week from sunrise to sunset.



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