A favourite spot to visit at Westfield at any time of the year is the General Store but especially at Christmas time. There are so many interesting things to look at and of course it is also the spot that anyone with a sweet tooth comes to satisfy a craving.

Eddie D. Cat Confectionery

If you have been to visit Westfield’s General Store you know that the candy store part is actually named Eddie D. Cat Confectionery.  More than 10 years ago a cat named Eddie called Westfield his home. He was a much-loved pet who freely volunteered his time to catch mice. He marched around the site checking over his domain.  He was known to wander occasionally into a historical building to say hello and he particularly liked to crash wedding ceremonies. He sometimes even upstaged the bride by taking a seat next to the minister. Eddie wasn’t really a cuddly cat but he would show his affection by putting out a paw to grab a pant leg or he would rub shoulders enticing a pat on the head or a morsel of food from someone’s lunch. We keep Eddie’s memory alive at the store with his image gracing the entrance and naming the confectionery after him.

The General Store and Gift Shop will be open for the last time this season on Sunday, December 19 from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. There are unique Christmas ornaments to buy as well as sweet treats to enjoy. Take a hike on our trails or a walk through the village. Play our scavenger hunts or check out the specially decorated Christmas windows. Finish your visit with a purchase of hot chocolate and a cookie from the General Store.

A Few Items For Sale

Admission is $15.50 per car load. Please remember to bring your mask if you plan to go inside the stores or use the washrooms.

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