Group and Bus Tours

Groups & Bus Tours


Discover Westfield Heritage Village and Conservation Area. A lovely heritage setting with over 35 historic buildings surrounded by 324 acres of unspoiled natural woodlands and meadows with several well-marked nature trails; a perfect setting for groups and bus tours to visit and rediscover Canada's dynamic past


Two half day tours are available. Each focusing on a unique aspect at the village. These tours can easily be added to your itinerary.

Victorian Fashions, Tea and Trades Tour:
The Victorian Era, its etiquette and cultural aspects are highlighted in this walk through our historical village. Visitors can stop and enjoy a cup of tea, a delicious cookie and experience a fashion show of styles from a bygone era.

Anne of Green Gables™ Tour:
Visit the locations at Westfield used in the Sullivan production of the movie Anne of Green Gables.


Maple Syrup Festival - Available Sundays in March
Visit Westfield Heritage Village for a traditional taste of spring in a Canadian village of the 1860's. Visit with the early settlers as they encounter the legends and techniques that surround the production of maple syrup; embark on a good old fashioned hayride through time; visit the historical homes and sample some home-made treats; enjoy the finest pancake meals you've ever had and discover the one stop maple gift shop.

Sundays & Holidays
Join Westfield on Sundays and Holidays, from Mid-March until the end of October from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Westfield's many nature trails are available for hikers or for just a leisurely stroll, and the Old Hundred features a light snack Visitors can also join on guided tours. Mini events, which provide additional demonstrations, are often scheduled for these weekends.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Christmas traditions and childhood fantasies, the wonder and excitement of the holiday season comes alive at Westfield Heritage Village! Visitors will participate in a unique and charming adventure, traveling through the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Great War eras to experience the warmth and charm of this living history site. Engage yourselves in the picturesque setting of the farm and village, meet Father Christmas;and savour the sights, sounds and smells of this unique Yuletide presentation. Groups may enjoy meals in the Ironwood Tea House.

Motor Coach Information
Group rates are available, free motor coach parking, group tours/programs available year round by appointment, combination tours with other local attractions and meals and refreshments can be arranged.

For more information on these exciting programs or to book a special tour of the village, contact Westfield  at 519-621-8851 or email