National Volunteer Week

Westfield depends on over 250 volunteers to present and preserve a history of Southern Ontario.  Last year alone Westfield volunteers contributed 21,130 hours to the operation of this significant historic venue. From April 23 to 29, Volunteer Canada and Westfield will celebrate Canada's 12.7 million volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

Visitors to Westfield regularly encounter our costumed volunteer interpreters during our public program on Sundays, but throughout the week Westfield volunteers are engaged in behind the scene activities. Some of these activities are less glamourous, but equally important in helping to maintain the site. Spring cleaning is well underway in the historic buildings including airing textiles. The gardens are also receiving a clearing and a fresh coat of paint is helping to brighten the library.  We want to thank all the Westfield volunteers for the significant role they play in preserving more than 150 years of Canadian history. Their hard work and dedication help to make places like Westfield a vibrant part of the community.

If you are interested in more information about the Westfield Volunteer program please contact Lynn Felker at

Agatha and Janet airing linens.

David painting in library.