Ice Cream Carnival Is Coming!

Ice Cream Carnival is taking place on Sunday, August 6 and Monday, August 7 from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. As usual there will be ice cream treats to enjoy. Staff at Westfield recently came across some interesting advice for the "gentlewoman".

If the occasion should arise when a Gentlewoman is offered an ice cream cone, she should refrain from eating it in a public place. Exposure of the tongue by using its tip to lick the ice cream cone will serve only to mark her as a woman of unsavoury and unattractive appetites. The Gentlewoman should take the ice cream cone home, place it upside down in a shallow dish, discard the cone and eat the ice cream with a spoon.

Of course this advertisement at the turn of the century was meant to be humorous and here at Westfield we encourage our visitors to enjoy their ice cream wholeheartedly whether you are a man, woman or child. Come see how ice cream was made in the old-fashioned ice cream churns. Try your hand at turning the crank. Purchase a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a piece of pie in the Ironwood or visit Crazy Cravings Ice Cream truck in the picnic area.

Tickets are available at the door. Admission for an adult is $11.00, a senior 65+ is $10.00, a youth 6-17 years is $6.50 and a child 5 and under is free. We also accept the Hamilton Conservation Authority Membership card for this event. Looking forward to seeing you at the Carnival.