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Hamilton Conservation Authority

Westfield Heritage Village is owned and managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

Latest News:

  • Ice Cream Carnival Is Coming!
    Chill! Westfield’s Ice Cream Carnivalis Coming Up Soon!For many families, a trip to the Ice Cream Carnival at Westfield Heritage Village has become an August long weekend tradition, and with good reason!  Who wouldn’t enjoy a day in the country eating delicious, cool ice cream, taking in the delights of an Edwardian… read more
  • New Volunteers
    Westfield is a large community of volunteers dedicated to come out to present and preserve Candian history. This sometimes includes feather friends too! Meet the new crew at the Lockhart barn. They plan to be here each Sunday from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m. First Egg! read more
  • Mountsberg Day!
    Sunday July 5th is Mountsberg Day at WestfieldThe Mountsberg Methodist Church was built by Charles Mount in 1854.  Now preserved at Westfield, this beautiful historic building will be the focus of a special day commemorating the Mountsberg community.  The day will begin with a special service in the church at… read more